Mission Statement

To Design Aid Tool for Space Mission Phase-A studies

Mission Objective

1. To develop an App which includes the database of major instruments used in payloads available in space industries.

2. To Survey past, present and future space missions and try to co-relate their mission objectives with each of the instruments used.

3. Final goal of the project is to help the space mission design analyst to get a first-hand idea about the possible instruments that can be selected for payload once the destination of mission is decided.


Prime Features of the STARS App

  1. Best Suited App for Space Mission Design : This is the first app that has been ever made for space mission design and is best suited for space mission design analysts, space industry and scientists as it will reduce the amount of work required in Phase A Studies.
  2. Database Creation:    The database for instruments used in various payloads in various space missions conducted across the globe was created for 3 main destinations : Earth, Mars and Moon comprising of 6 missions each.
  3. STARS App.  The STARS app was initially made using Microsoft Power Apps but later shifted to Glide Apps. The Version 1 of the App comprises of all the features given below. The app will have various versions in the upcoming years comprising of various other destinations, more data and compatibility factor as one of the key features. 
  4. User friendly and Easy to Operate.  The app is very user friendly and allows user to filter data according to his requirements and also allows the user to find the best suited tool for his mission.
  5. Future Developments:  The future versions of the app will consist of mission data of various destinations apart from the ones present. A special feature - Compatibility Factor will be featured for all instruments which will allow user to select the best suited instrument for his mission. Future versions will also contain payload design ecosystem.

What you get

Database for Earth, Mars and Moon Instruments

User Friendly App Interface

Proper Datasheet for each Instrument

Data of Objective and Tasks performed by the Instrument

Various Filters for User Convenience

Best Suited for Space Mission Design

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